Durak Hazelnut Sustainability Team at Fla Trainer Training

Durak Hazelnut Sustainability Team participated in the training of trainers organised by FLA (Fair labour Association) between 29-31 May.

During the training, team members learned about important social issues such as good agricultural practices, child labour, working conditions and gender equality. These issues are of great importance in terms of sustainability and ethical business practices and support Durak Hazelnut's responsible production approach.

In the training, international standards and best practices on issues such as preventing child labour and ensuring safe and fair working conditions were shared.

On the last day of the training, the participants carried out a training simulation to reinforce what they had learnt. This simulation offered the participants the opportunity to experience situations they may encounter in real life and to apply the knowledge they have learnt in practice. Thanks to this training, Durak Hazelnut Sustainability Team has become more aware and equipped in sustainability and social responsibility issues in their sector. The knowledge gained in the training will make significant contributions to the company's future sustainability policies and practices.