Mission and Vision


The priority of Durak Hazelnut, which takes its power locally and is internationally recognized, is to deliver its products to consumers with the best quality standards with Sustainable Hazelnut Farming.



Providing unmatched service quality, differentiating applications and supply chains at every stage of the supply chain with sustainable and traceable agricultural activities, collecting products with a quality-based purchasing approach on a market scale, processing, packaging, transforming into different products that make a difference and marketing them at home and abroad.

  1. Quality,
  2. Food safety and Human Health,
  3. Sustainable agricultural activities,
  4. Sustainable social activities,
  5. Prevention of Child Labor,
  6. Decent working conditions,
  7. Supporting local development,
  8. To contribute to the financial development of Turkey,
  9. Transparency,
  10. Reliability,
  11. Making supply chains traceable,
  12. Increasing and prioritizing women's employment,
  13. Preserving the ecological balance,
  14. Struggling with climate change,
  15. Encouraging mechanical agriculture,
  16. Sensitivity to human rights.