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<br><br>Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Inc. As a family, we aim to ensure the sustainability of our projects as well as being beneficial to the society, our producers and our region with a different social responsibility project every year.

<br><br>In the provinces that are the supply regions of Durak Hazelnut during the 2020 harvest period, data collection studies were carried out by the Pikolo Association and then the field teams of Durak Fındık on September 2, 2020.

The first rule of establishing long-lasting and healthy societies in the world in order to look confidently from the past to the future; There are companies that have certain standards, are environmentally friendly, high quality and reliable. The steady development and growth of these companies depends entirely on an atmosphere of mutual "trust".

Institutions; They are organizations that serve the regions where they are located, exist here and continue their activities here and feed from where they are located. Although there are various reasons for existence, their most important responsibilities are their duties to the region, people and country where they exist.

This site was established to provide information about Durak Hazelnut Sustainability Applications.


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