Fight Against Child Labor and Aflatoxin

Based on the importance of preventing child labor and combating aflatoxin for the Turkish hazelnut industry, a project named "Quality in Hazelnut 2013" was developed by Durak Hazelnuts.

Our Turkey meets a large part of the world hazelnut production and export. Although the hazelnut production areas in our country are predominantly in the Eastern Black Sea region, in recent years, hazelnut production has started to be widespread in the Western Black Sea region. Increasing the yield and quality of the hazelnut product, which is a serious economic resource for the people of the region, has been a topic that has been on the agenda and discussed by the authorities in recent years. Increasing costs in the period until the last stage of the product, the gradual entry of other producing countries into the market, and the serious differences between the amount of products they obtain per acre and our country both prevent more financial gain and meet 75% of the world hazelnut production. emerges as a situation unbecoming for our country. Especially in recent years, the fact that the producers have not shown the necessary interest in the hazelnut fields due to various reasons can be stated as serious factors in the decrease in yield and quality.

For this reason, the idea of ​​creating this project was adopted in order to draw the necessary attention to the subject, to raise awareness of the producers and to contribute to them. In addition, the issue of child labor, which is a matter of reputation for our country, was also aimed to create a general movement by taking into the scope of this project and firstly focusing the attention of the public on this issue and then increasing the sensitivity of the producers on this issue with the verbal and written activities, and then 25,000 jute It is aimed to support producers by distributing sacks, to ensure that quality products are obtained and to ensure that they are not alone in this regard. A similar project was implemented for the first time in Trabzon and positive results were obtained. In our region, Ünye district was selected as a pilot district and included in the project implementation area together with İkizce and Çaybaşı districts. Durak HAzelnuts, Ünye Commodity Exchange assumed the task of coordination and implementation in this project initiated with the sponsorship and support, Ünye Food Agriculture and Livestock Directorate, Ünye Chamber of Agriculture, İkizce and Çaybaşı Chambers of Agriculture also provided support. The fact that the recycling received from the producers during the project stages is extremely positive has been a proof of how accurate the work is done. Seeing that the goals set at the beginning of the project have been achieved to a great extent has also been a development that makes the project employees extremely happy.

Durak Hazelnut and Durak Hazelnut Board Member Kadir DURAK, Ünye Commodity Exchange Chairman Mustafa USLU, Stock Exchange General Secretary Mehmet GÜR, District Agriculture Manager Yetkin ESEN, Ünye Chamber of Agriculture President Osman We would like to thank SARIKAHRAMAN and all project staff.


Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Corporation

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