We Are Going To The Play Garden, Not The Hazelnut Garden

Institutions; They are organizations that serve the regions where they are located, exist here and continue their activities here and feed from where they are located. Although there are various reasons for existence, their most important responsibilities are their duties to the region, people and country where they exist.

In this sense, Durak Hazelnuts, by including Ünye Commodity Exchange in the project, to fulfill its social responsibility and to respond to the ethical trade and social responsibility requirements of the European Chocolate Industry, in the first phase of this social project in 2013, After the project, they have implemented the second phase this year.

The second phase of the project has been determined as a painting contest for primary and secondary school students in our city. The main purpose of this project, which started out with the slogan "CHILDREN ARE NOT HAZELNUTS, NOT TO THE PLAYGARD"; contributing to the social and personal development of our students and creating an awareness of “Child Labor”, one of the main goals of the project, among our children, who are the elders of tomorrow. In this context, the works produced by our students were evaluated throughout April, and our students who ranked in the first three degrees in all districts and also received a Provincial degree were awarded.

The main theme revealed by the project; It is the prevention of Child Labor. The issue of Child Labor, which started to damage the reputation of our country in foreign countries and which we could not eliminate completely, although it is prohibited in our laws and international conventions, still occupies the agenda of our country. Therefore, this issue, which we have taken into our agenda due to its importance, has been supported by the work carried out and by the distribution of posters and brochures, and it is aimed to ensure that our citizens are sensitive to this issue by providing visual support of the project through the press. When evaluated in general, it is understood with great satisfaction from the feedbacks that the purpose of our project has been achieved. We believe that both institutions fulfill their social responsibilities towards our people and our country with the two projects carried out in the last 3 years on "Prevention of Child Labor".

In this context, we would like to thank all our institutions, school administrators and teachers and especially participating students, project employees and Ünye Commodity Exchange and Durak Hazelnuts. We owe a debt of gratitude to the managers for their sensitivity.


Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Corporation

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