Hazelnut Harvesting Machine Grant Distribution Project

The first rule of establishing long-lasting and healthy societies in the world in order to look confidently from the past to the future; There are companies that have certain standards, are environmentally friendly, high quality and reliable. The steady development and growth of these companies depends entirely on an atmosphere of mutual "trust".

It has always been the priority of our company to purchase the best quality raw materials from the producer, process them carefully and offer healthy and delicious products to the consumer during the production phase.

In this perspective, "How can we achieve better?" Finding the answer to the question has been among our main goals as the Durak Hazelnut family.

In order to achieve international standards in hazelnut agriculture; Our company conducts regular studies every year, organizes trainings and conferences for producers, and presents social responsibility projects on these issues, especially in order to prevent child labor, to reduce production costs by switching to machinery agriculture, and to increase production quality.

Previous social responsibility projects of our company are as follows;

Project 1; In 2013, sacks were distributed with the project called “QUALITY 2013, OUR PRIORITY IN HAZELNUT” and the slogan of ending child labor in hazelnuts was brought to the fore.
Project 2; In 2015. With the project named “CHILDREN IS NOT HAZELNUT, NOT TO PLAYGARD”, it has been determined to raise awareness about child labor, to contribute to the social and personal development of our students, and to create awareness for our children, who are the elders of tomorrow, on “Child Labor”, which is one of the main objectives of the project.

With this project named “HAND WITH THE FARMER”, the hazelnut picking and sweeping machines were donated to Ordu Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for the use of our farmers, and it was aimed to reduce costs in production, to raise awareness and encourage farmers about machine farming, and especially to eliminate child labor.


Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Corporation

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