Each Child a World Project

<br><br>Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Inc. As a family, we aim to ensure the sustainability of our projects as well as being beneficial to the society, our producers and our region with a different social responsibility project every year.

We set out to prevent child labor in hazelnut agriculture with our project "Each Child a World". We have covered all of the expenses of our project, which we carried out jointly with the İkizce District Governorship, by our company.

Our social responsibility project "Each Child a World" is entirely an academic study, and our project team consists of expert academicians, teachers and auxiliary staff in their field.

Our project is planned on three bases.
Summer school prepared for the education and training activities of children between the ages of 5-14 who come to Ikizce district as seasonal agricultural workers,
2. Women who come to Ikizce District as seasonal agricultural workers,
3. Mobile Program (women engaged in hazelnut farming in İkizce District).

Our project, different from the projects implemented in the field, was to bring together the seasonal agricultural worker children and the local children to achieve cultural integration. At the same time, our awareness of seasonal agricultural workers and their work shows the originality of our project.

At the summer school leg of the project, İkizce District Governorship allocated a school for our children to meet all their technological and educational needs. In our summer school, a different training module and different methods and techniques were applied during the lesson. First of all, developmental screenings of our children were carried out and educational and instructive information was given to them throughout the process, and their cognitive development was contributed by fun and sports activities. During the summer school, all the needs of the children such as food, beverage, health screening, cinema, travel, picnic and educational materials were provided by our company. During the field studies, health, hygiene and first aid training was provided to seasonal agricultural worker families and women as well as child rights and discrimination training. Seasonal agricultural worker families with health problems and their children were treated at Private Ünye Çakırtepe Hospital within our company. During the field visits, gift packages were distributed to our women to meet their daily personal needs.

At the point we have reached today; Seeing how meaningful and relevant all our projects we think and implement are, we tried to shed light on other projects implemented in a separate field. You can send our final reports in both Turkish and English. We prepared it and delivered it to the relevant institutions and organizations.

Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Inc. I would like to thank our "Each Child a World" project team, underlining that we will continue to make social responsibility projects that make a difference as a family.


Durak Hazelnut Industry and Trade Inc.

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