Sustainable Child Labor Monitoring and Improvement Program

Within the scope of the SUÇİİİP (Sustainable Child Labor Monitoring and Improvement Program) program conducted by Durak Fındık with Barry, it was aimed to reach 60 producers in the first year.

However, 45 producers could be reached due to the pandemic. In this context, it is aimed to analyze and report their current situation by conducting surveys and interviews with the producers included in SUÇİİİP. This study was carried out in İkizce and Ünye districts of Ordu province, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, and in Terme district of Samsun province.

This report reflects the situation of 45 producers included in SUÇİİİP. The level of awareness is very low, as the producers have participated in this program for the first time and have not been involved in any sustainability studies before. These producers will be trained in the program and their developments will be followed regularly in the coming years.

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