DURAK HAZELNUT INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Ş., we are determined to do our part to protect the environment with effective and successful works that we will do together with our manager, employees and supplier.

We are aware that we can contribute to the efforts to leave a healthy and livable nature to future generations only in this way. For this purpose, while managing the environmental aspects of all activities, products and services we carry out in DURAK HAZELNUT, the following intentions and principles are applied as much as possible.

  • The laws, regulations, legislations and principles related to environmental management are adopted and applied.
  • Appropriate technologies and methods that do not harm the environment and provide savings in resource use are researched, followed and applied.
  • Measures are taken to reduce the amount of waste and the negative effects of these wastes in order to prevent the pollution to be created by the wastes that cannot be completely prevented.
  • Studies are carried out with the understanding of continuous improvement to protect the environment. Environmental awareness is increased in the workplace (and in the society) through education and participation.
  • Environmental activities are organized and developed in accordance with TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  • In order to be indispensable in the international and national market, the understanding of quality and environment is supported with accredited documents.


Durak Hazelnut commits to

  • Providing the requests, needs and expectations of our customers in a timely, complete and correct manner,
  • Ensuring the continuous improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management System by reviewing its effectiveness and efficiency,
  • Ensuring the understanding, implementation and continuity of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems and policy within the organization,
  • Ensuring the production, storage and sales of products that comply with national - international legislation and microbiological, physical and chemical specifications requested by our customers, with healthy and quality inputs, under hygienic conditions,
  • Providing and convey the necessary information for food safety throughout the food chain, ensuring the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety,
  • Ensuring the development and training of its employees.